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Sustainable Resources now offers the the Industrial Building Energy eXpertise (IBEX) energy management self learning course. Every organization and company whether a manufacturer, a printing company, cement company or have a chain of retail outlets all want to reduce their energy costs.
Energy efficiency equates to reduced energy costs and an improved bottom line. Companies realize it’s more than just changing to energy efficient light bulbs. That’s only the tip of the ice berg. In addition to lighting there are new technologies and devices that can control and reduce the various types of energy (electricity, gas, heating water, etc) used by your company.
Companies want to know where they can go or who they can turn to for advice or assistance. The answer is an inhouse trained energy manager. Sure you can hire a third party consulting firm to come in and do an audit of your facility but why would you when there is a much cost effective alternative.

Energy management and greening your facilities is not a one-time event, it’s an ongoing process.

You may not have thought of this before, however you should consider in-house trained energy manager than can guide your company through the energy management process. You want a champion who can ensure your buildings are in compliance with the new green act coming into law. You want someone who can help your company to qualify and apply for government funding that rewards companies for reducing their energy consumption.
The main advantages of enrolling your personnel in the IBEX program are:
  • To Reduce Energy Costs
  • Continuous Opportunities for Savings
  • To Reduce the Costs of External Assistance
  • Access to Provincial and Federal Funding
  • Continuous Greening of Your Facilities
  • To Increase the Competitiveness of Your Company

Hiring external assistance can be very expensive!

Have your facility manager, maintenance manger or other personnel trained in energy management. The cost to enroll your employees in the Industrial & Building Energy eXpertise Training Program (IBEX) is very inexpensive compared to hiring external assistance.
The IBEX Program would pay for itself many times over in reduced energy costs. In addition your employees will learn new skills that will add an extra level of security to their future employment. Your in-house Energy Manager can perform energy audits on your facility and make recommendations to ensure you’re spending the lowest amount possible.
The program includes rigorous academic training and an actual energy audit of your facility.Companies in the Toronto area can also participate as an “audit facility” without enrolling personnel in the IBEX Program. This is an inexpensive way to receive a custom energy audit to pinpoint your opportunities for reducing energy costs.
When outside expertise is required, your Energy Manager knows the questions to ask and will ensure your company is making an informed decision based on fact not what another company wants to sell.
If your company is serious about reducing energy costs, having an in house Energy Manager makes the most sense and is a very cost effective option. Take care of the low hanging fruit (cost savings) internally.

Doesn’t it make sense to reduce as much as you can internally before pursuing external alternatives?


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Contact the IBEX Program Manager to find out how your company can benefit from having an Energy Management Champion as an integral part of your management team.

David Katz, MBA

(416) 493-9232
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